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‘Disabled-Advisor.com’ is the start of a bigger idea. It isn’t a charity, nor is it there to hide behind facts and figures. Disabled Advisor aims to create a ‘bridge’ to information for all that are effected by strokes and other disabilities. This can be the stroke surviver themselves or a family member. The site is aimed at everyone, both young and old. This is all inclusive to bring to life the reality of change. It is awareness building and resourceful.

The brief

The future vision is for Disabled-Advisor.com to be the place to go for useful information for Stroke survivors and anyone concerned with them. For reviews on a national basis on groups and products and to find the nearest to you.

The project was to create a clean, fresh, contemporary identity for Disabled Advisor. Initially the work will be focused on the web, but will also include some print items. The aim for it is to work as a recognisable and easily implimentable identity. The identity needs to be inclusive and bold.

What we did

This was very much a project driven by client insight. Our solution needed to be able to be broken down into constituent parts to help every area within the new website feel part of the bigger offer. At the same time the solution needed to be bold and ownable.

We created the ‘linking’ pattern; a group of icons to show differing disabilities, but using bright bold colours. We didn’t want these to be seen as negatives. The hexagon theme was taken through into the logotype, used as the counter on the ‘i’. The logotype itself was specially drawn, linking letters to show connection.

The final solution is bright and bold, it’s a positive view on the future to help people see that there is a way forward.

At a glance

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