We’d worked with Scoof for many years, so when we were asked to look at their new product packaging it was a wonderful surprise. Scoof are the makers of a unique kitchen gadget which is designed to be used with cafetières. Scoof both stirs the coffee whilst it is being made and removes the unwanted used coffee grounds once the coffee has been enjoyed.

CortonaPack Image6 - Cortona
CortonaPack Image5 - Cortona

Extending Cortona

The brief

This first part of the project was to design packaging for Just So Ideas’ (makers of Scoof) new 8 cup cafetière – Cortona. The packaging should both be informative, stylish and sit within the Scoof look and feel.

The new Cortona cafetière would be sold with and without Scoof. The second part of the project was to address this, creating a Cortona pack extension to house the bundled Scoof.


CortonaPack Image2b - Cortona
CortonaAndExtension2 scaled - Cortona
CortonaPack Image1 scaled - Cortona

What we did

Our Solution for both built on the graphic language we had developed previously. Making strong use of the Scoof orange and the outlined circle devices. We put aside one side of the new pack just as a advertising opportunity for scoof. We showed the in use pictograms, adding to them to show how to make a cup of coffee using the Corona cafetière.

We made use of bold photography and even bolder product naming to create a striking front of pack, perfect for online sales.

The new packaging has allowed scoof to sit at a more premium price point than its peers, the perfect place to be to launch the new bundle pack.

The new pack was designed specifically to sit over the top of the new Cortona packaging, ‘seamlessly’ blending the packs together. The extension strongly promotes ‘Scoof and a cafetière’, allowing an economic route for greater scoof sales.

Downloads and info…

Client: Scoof
Website: www.JustScoof.com

Branded packaging
Structural packaging
Digital graphics

CortonaPackaging CS - Cortona
Hand pointing Blk - Cortona

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