What is actually is a logo and logo design? Knowing what you’re asking for is sometimes half the challenge. So what is a ‘logo’?

A logo is the visual representation of your business, it sums up all you are in a memorable graphic. A logo is not and never will be your ‘brand’, but it is part of your ‘branding’.

If your logo is a representation of how you are, how you go about business, what you stand for, how you want your clients to see you, then your ‘logo’ needs to be unique. Because your business is unique.

Logo design is much more than just putting some contrasting text next to a picture or piece of clip art showing what you do. This is where our experience and knowledge comes in handy.

Our first priority isn’t to sit down at a computer and start ‘creating’. We spend time getting to know you and understand your business. We aim to develop branding for you which really reflects the values of your company, branding that truly connects to your chosen audience.

[above] A small selection of logos, symbols and brand marques that we have created.

Colchester’s Puur is built on decades of experience of logo design, working at some of the biggest names in branding on some of the biggest brands across the globe.

Our main aim is to ensure that your customers recognise you and connect with you. To achieve this we need to create branding (with a logo as part of it) that is both different and relevant.

Your logo will probably be the first point of contact for a lot of your customers. It could be from a leaflet, a business card or even a website, but which ever method it is, we need to ensure that it’s memorable.

This is where our experience is key. Here are a few of our logo services:

Logo design

Usually as part of a bigger branding project, we can create a unique and ownable logo, logotype or symbol for you and your organisation.

Logo registration

There are times when you want an additional layer of security on top of the standard IP protection. We can help develop materials to take your logo through the various and appropriate registration process.

Master artwork set

There are times when your logo was created but never really fully delivered. To ensure consistency we can take your current logo and create a master artwork set from current files

Logo design and branding articles

Three reasons to work with Colchester’s Puur…

1. Local

We’re the Essex branding agency catering for all budgets, we’ve just a bit more experience (it’s why we talk of being a London-ish agency)

2. Knowledgeable

Puur’s team has almost 30 years experience creating corporate identity solutions for brands such as: BP, Thames Water and Earnst & Young.

3. Tailored to you

Every element of branding we develop is unique and bespoke to your needs. We’re not a ‘cookie cutter’ or stock image focused agency.

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COVID Update (Oct 2021)

We’re out of lockdown now, and we’re most definitely still working! Hopefully we are seeing an end to the worst of this. We’re working partly at our Colchester based office again now, we can (as we’ve been doing) deliver all the work we usually do.

Obviously if you have any branding related projects we'd love to chat (over Zoom). In the meantime stay safe.

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