Who’s behind the design at Puur in Colchester

Michael Rance is our Creative DirectorAn award-winning designer (D&AD, LIAA, BDA etc) with over two and a half decades of National and International branding experience working with clients such as BP and Diageo on a global basis. As well as being the Owner and design inspiration behind Puur he has also been a Mentor at the Colchester Institute.

award-winning designer (D&AD, LIAA, BDA etc) with over two decades of National and International experience

Over the years he has had the opportunity to work in differing arenas such as packaging design, environmental graphics and experience, brand engagement, digital (from website design to app development and SEO) and brochure design.

Michael Rance’s experience

This experience is not just from design agencies, but on both sides of the fence (both agency side – in London and mainland Europe as well as client side – as the Creative Director and Global Design Manager of HSBC Private Bank).

It’s branding and branded packaging, in simple terms: visual and verbal identity that’s closest to his heart. It’s not just Michael’s unique and varied experience that makes Puur your perfect partner.

It’s also his ability to talk to you in plain language, to explain why something is needed. He takes the time to ensure that you are a partner, not just a passenger in the whole design process.

Michael Rance portrait black white - Michael Rance,Colchester

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COVID Update (Oct 2021)

We’re out of lockdown now, and we’re most definitely still working! Hopefully we are seeing an end to the worst of this. We’re working partly at our Colchester based office again now, we can (as we’ve been doing) deliver all the work we usually do.

Obviously if you have any branding related projects we'd love to chat (over Zoom). In the meantime stay safe.

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