We are Puur Dutch for pure,
perfect, clear...
Our work is the same:
it speaks for itself.
London-ish London-ish... We’re based in Colchester,
though London’s in our DNA.
Full ahead Full ahead... Helping to propel your business forward Revolving around you Centred... Our solutions revolve,
around your needs.
Preparation Preparation... Time to understand you and your business. Be bold! Don’t hesitate. Contact us now.

design, branding & advertising agency; Puur

Puur is a small but perfectly formed Colchester graphic design and marketing agency. We specialise in the delivery of complete branding solutions; the creation, development and implementation of visual and verbal identities for small and medium sized organisations. We’re focused on helping businesses and organisations in Colchester and around Essex as a whole, thrive through delivering intelligent marketing and brand centred graphic design.
Our experience in graphic design, branding and marketing spans three decades and four continents. Working with some of the largest brands in the world, we’ve taken this knowledge and intelligent ‘big brand’ thinking and brought it to Colchester. We deliver the London design agency service to fit your budget.

How can we help?

The focus or Puur is to help your business thrive and grow, by answering both the big and small marketing and design challenges you may have. We don’t do this through delivering ‘cookie cutter’ or ‘production line’ graphics. Everything we do is unique, all our solutions are tailored to your needs.
We’ve almost 30 years experience in design, branding and marketing. We use this knowledge to deliver creative solutions that can help drive a successful business. Solutions that are based in the real world, backed up with sound arguments and reasoning.
The knowledge we have has been gained from working with and in some of the biggest design agencies, branding organisations and marketing teams in the world. This experience has given us an unrivalled understanding of what drives an audience to ‘buy-in’ to a brand.
This knowledge is pretty unique, this is how we can help you.

What we do…

Puur specialises in the development and management of visual and verbal identity or in simple terms; ‘branding’. Basically we can help you build recognisable and memorable branding. This can be any of the brand marketing applications that helps portray you to the outside world, from naming to a suite of brochures or from packaging your product to designing a logo. Our offer is simple, we’ve broken it down into three distinct areas:

Branding creation – working together with fledgling organisations to build a foundation for the future, creating the building blocks (both graphic design based and verbal) that will propel them forward and get them noticed for the right reasons.

Branding development – taking existing branding, assessing its strengths and weaknesses and helping it stay relevant, fulfilling its full potential. This isn’t reinventing, this is about amending the graphic design elements and polishing the marketing delivery.

Branding refresh – redeveloping an existing brand’s graphic offer, either organically or in a completely new direction. This is to help brands that don’t connect with their audience any longer, gain new life and new vigour.

Reasons to work with us…

Puur is creative

We don’t use templates, we’re not a ‘cookie cutter’ agency. We deliver great solutions to sometimes challenging briefs.

Puur is passionate

To us branding and design is more than just a job. We truly love what we do and this is visible in all our work.

Puur is relevant

We deliver solutions that work. Solutions that are tailored to the needs of you and your brand and the ‘wants’ of your audience.

Nice words and a few projects…

Michael went above and beyond when helping us re-brand our pension product. His work was creative whilst at the same time completely rooted in the real world of group pensions. His new branding concept, I’m sure helped it become the award winning plan it is today.

Lisa P

It’s been great working with Puur, from initial discussions about our organisation where you quickly got to the core of what we are about, right through to the final product, which is everything we wanted: eye-catching, concise and informative. Your creative suggestions for this project, and beyond, have been really helpful for us in extending our brand. We highly recommend Puur.

Angela Kerr


I’m glad we decided to work with Puur, they did a great job. Michael’s creative approach was very effective in our re-branding and we are proud of the results. He took time to understand our business and its values before putting together his proposal which was excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending Puur to others.

Ian Fraser

Managing Director

Our experience covers, amoungst others…

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