Puur is an award winning, creative design agency

Founded in 2012, we’re based in the centre of Colchester, Essex. Aided by 30 years design industry experience, our aim is to help our clients to succeed. All this on a budget that won’t break the bank.

We take on branding centred projects – anything with your brand at its core.

Our small creative design agency (some people see this as a marketing agency) specialises in the delivery of complete branding solutions. The creation, development and implementation of visual and verbal identities for small and medium sized organisations.

Our experience in graphic design, packaging design, branding and advertising spans four decades and four continents.

Now we’re focused on helping businesses and organisations in and around Essex and Suffolk (and further), thrive through delivering intelligent brand centred graphic design.

We’ve previously worked with some of the largest brands in the world. Now we’re taking this knowledge and intelligent ‘big brand’ thinking to organisations, which may not have huge budgets for design.

We talk about the fact our DNA is from London (and Brussels with a touch of Hamburg and Geneva thrown in), as this is really where we learnt the craft of branding. It’s what Puur is all about and it’s why your branding projects are safe in our hands.

How we can help

The focus of Puur is to help your business grow and thrive, by answering both the big and small design, advertising or marketing challenges you may have.

We don’t do this through delivering ‘cookie cutter’ or ‘production line’ graphics. Everything we do is unique to your needs, all our solutions are tailored to your brief.

Our decades of knowledge and experience work together to help deliver creative solutions that can help drive both successful businesses or start-ups. Our solutions are based in the real world, backed up with sound arguments and reasoning.

All of this is why your project will be in safe hands with us.

Reasons to work with our Colchester agency

Puur is creative

Nothing we do runs to a formular. Whether branding, advertising or marketing, everything we do is tailored to our clients’ needs.

Puur is passionate

To us branding and design is more than just a job. We truly love what we do and this is visible in all our work.

Puur is relevant

We deliver solutions that work. Solutions that are tailored to the needs of you and your brand and the ‘wants’ of your audience.

Award winning

Recognition may not be the be all and end all, but our team has a good number of local and national awards to their name.

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Holistic branding works

I have a joke for you: How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? One, but the lightbulb has got to really want to change! Jokes are…

Nice words and a few projects…

Michael took time to learn what my work entailed and who might need to access the website. His guidance to the format, design, font and feel to the website has been spot on. When I suggested something he thought would not work, he gently persuaded me to take a slightly different approach whilst including the best of my ideas. This has resulted in an end product that has completely surpassed my expectations. I would highly recommend his services to anyone and in fact have already recommended him to the many people who have asked for his details after viewing the website.

Michael went above and beyond when helping us re-brand our pension product. His work was creative whilst at the same time completely rooted in the real world of group pensions. His new branding concept, I’m sure helped it become the award winning plan it is today.

Lisa P

It’s been great working with Puur, from initial discussions about our organisation where you quickly got to the core of what we are about, right through to the final product, which is everything we wanted: eye-catching, concise and informative. Your creative suggestions for this project, and beyond, have been really helpful for us in extending our brand. We highly recommend Puur.

Angela Kerr

Our experience covers, amongst others…

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COVID Update (Oct 2021)

We’re out of lockdown now, and we’re most definitely still working! Hopefully we are seeing an end to the worst of this. We’re working partly at our Colchester based office again now, we can (as we’ve been doing) deliver all the work we usually do.

Obviously if you have any branding related projects we'd love to chat (over Zoom). In the meantime stay safe.

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