Colchester Means Business was a business–to–business exhibition in the heart of Colchester. It aimed to elevate every company involved. To give the region a focus when it came to ‘showing off’ the wealth of talent, knowledge and experience held within Colchester’s business community.

The brief

We were asked to create an identity which would be both recognisable and memorable; one which had longevity and contemporaneity. Part of our process was to look at peer events on both a local and national level. This would help us ensure that any designs we developed would be both unique and differentiated.

What we did

Our solution was based around the idea that an exhibition is physical: It’s an environment that you can walk around and navigate. The three–dimensional quality of an exhibition is really important; it’s what makes it engaging.

Not only is our solution visually solid, but it also has an element of flexibility. Each ‘letter’ of the logo being able to move within the applications canvas. Together with the bold colours and Colchester horizon line this identity becomes both ownable and relevant

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