In 2016 the owners of Memoirs, decided to create a dedicated sports bar: The Courts. They transformed Colchester’s old court rooms into the ultimate bar for all sports fans. It would have screens at every corner, poole tables and darts boards. The idea was that you could watch all the most important games live from around the world.
CourtsCards - Sports Bar,Colchester
CourtsLeaflet - Sports Bar,Colchester
BarMenu - Sports Bar,Colchester

Sports bar brand identity

The brief

This was a new venture, but had its challenges. The biggest being that it had no on street frontage, with no possibility for outside signage. There was a possibility to create a ‘walkway of sports’ to the front door of the bar.

Our job was to create a bold identity that could be used across all touch points: from posters to menus, to cards and tickets. It was also to create a buzz over social media – as this could have been the only way we would be able to promote the new bar!

CourtsPoster - Sports Bar,Colchester
Sports bar the courts Colchester brand identity development
Valentines Small - Sports Bar,Colchester

What we did

We initially looked at a number of different sources, from the building itself, to sports memorabilia. The design that was chosen was the simple, but effective roundel. This epitomised the idea of a sports bar.

Once the identity was chosen we moved on to creating collateral and extending the look and feel. The ‘stencilled’ graphics became a theme as did both swathes of colour and tongue in cheek headlines: ‘We watch sports and drink beer’.

Even though there was no place for street side signage, we found a way. With specialist manufacturing and support from councils the listed buildings team, we created banners to hang from the lamp-posts. The bar quickly got a reputation as being THE place to watch sport.

Social media and the website we developed was awash with each days sporting events, weekly and monthly posters were created and special ticket only evenings quickly becoming sell outs.

Downloads and info…

Client: The Courts Sports Bar

Environmental graphics
Social media

TheCourtsCS - Sports Bar,Colchester
TheCourtsLaptop - Sports Bar,Colchester

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