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My Beautiful Eyes packaging

The Mylash is a fast semi-permanent eyelash extension treatment which takes only 30 minutes to perform. Individual lashes are applied to more than one natural lash at a time.

The brief

There was two parts to the My Beautiful Eyes project. The first was to art direct a photshoot on behalf of another agency. The second was to take the current packaging and implement it across divers SKU’s.

What we did

The art direction took in all aspects of a photo shoot, from choosing the model to defining the specific lighting needed, to sketching out the shots to be taken and directing the photographer on the day of the shoot. This continued after the shoot to also encompass the feedback on retouching to ensure the final images worked well to define the brand.

In terms of packaging we took the current design rationalising the information and systemising the application of it to ensure that it was consistently applied across a number of different types, sizes and aspect ratios of packs.

At a glance

  • Client: Ellisons
  • Category: Branding, Environments
  • Website: ellisons.co.uk

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