News: Chilled as the heat rises

Puur has been helping Chosan to launch two new limited-edition products: Watermelon and hibiscus sorbet and Strawberry and hibiscus sorbet for the local market during this current heat wave. The two products are the first foray into sorbets for Chosan.

The NPD has been going on for a few months with input from Puur on both brand strategy and packaging. The limited-edition sorbets are made from real fruit (strawberries and water melon) with infused Hibiscus, designed as an extension to Chosan’s current Hibiscus based drinks range. The two refreshing flavours have been chosen carefully for this initial test market, with plans to launch a range of sugar free indulgent sorbet flavours early next year.

hibiscus sorbet from the wonderful team at Chosan

New fresh fruit and hibiscus sorbet

Eliza Jones, owner of Chosan, said: “This a very exciting time for Chosan. This limited-edition product really epitomises what Chosan is about – authentic, adventurous flavours that appeal to a diverse audience.

At the same time the ‘healthier option’ brand promise is still at the heart of our new products. Just the same as our drinks you won’t find any preservatives, artificial additives or colourings in our sorbets,

healthier option’ brand promise is still at the heart of our new products

Our aim will be to deliver a unique range of hibiscus based sugar free sorbets, giving health conscious consumers the chance to a guilt free treat.

We’re working closely with The Saffron Ice Cream Company to get this initial recipe and future recipes right, making sorbets which are not only refreshing and tastes great, but are also smooth and creamy as well.

RGB SorbetScoop - hibiscus sorbet

Puur has worked with Chosan for a number of years was asked to develop the new labelling for this limited edition product. Our own Creative Director: Michael Rance, said: “Eliza has always had limitless enthusiasm for the products she develops, but there is something really special about these sorbets. 

As this is more of a ‘test market’ aimed at the restaurant/cafe arena this packaging needed to be more functional. However, the more consumer facing packaging for next year will reflect the uniqueness of Eliza’s hibiscus infused sorbets.

The limited-edition sorbets can currently be found in Frinton, Mersea Island, Ardleigh, Boxted and Colchester. In Colchester they will be stocked at ‘Wild at Spirit’,  ‘The Minories Tea Room’ and ‘Sip and Tuck’. The sorbets will also be available for summer events and parties. If you are thinking about setting up a market stall for Christmas, these tips on running a successful christmas market stall may be useful to you.

One of our key strengths at Puur is packaging. Our decades of experience from both sides of the design ‘fence’ gives us a better understanding of the needs of organisations today. We know that our work is a business tool, it has a function, answers a need. Give us a call today to chat over your needs and how we can help.

MidBanner4 - hibiscus sorbet
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