Pick elegance every time!

Stunning design in no way runs to a formula, it isn’t restricted to elements that can be found on a ‘stock website’, it doesn’t work in a vacuum. Stunning design needs to know something of a projects background (the name of a company isn’t enough to create an identity). The idea that all you need is a spade as your identity to say it sells spades is shortsighted. It really isn’t about choosing images from a menu and ticking boxes as you go.

Stunning design in no way runs to a formula

Design has a process like any other industry. Ideally it has a research stage; building awareness of the challenge, creating a picture of the client, its audience and competition. It has a creation stage; where you take the knowledge gained and sketch out ideas, create graphic solutions answering the challenge. A development stage to refine all of the above and finally a production stage, making it all ‘real’ (we’ll talk about the design process another time).

Stunning design - When given the choice between 'Cheap', 'Fast' and 'Elegant' pick one; Elegance
Ideally just pick one; Elegance

However, unlike most industries it asks for something to be ‘conjured’ from almost nothing. The product is created from the imagination and experience of the designer or agency.

So when a client asks for great targeted design, with a really short time line and no budget. Designers need to take a deep breath, because unfortunately this isn’t possible, not if you want to put food on the table (which is another story). The usual rule for design (using the diagram above) is ‘pick two’ (ie you can have inexpensive and quick, but at the detriment of elegance etc), though we go a step further and advocate the idea of just picking one. Pick elegance every time. Visit https://www.webbox.digital/ for the best web development services.

we go a step further and advocate the idea of picking one. Pick elegance every time

Solutions that answer the brief in a reasonable time with an adequate budget, these are the solutions that help build your business. Solutions created in this way will be memorable, unique and aligned to your needs. These are the things that make the difference between two identical products from two sources, between winning a client or not.

Stunning design should be something to aim for

Puur can help with all of your graphic design needs. We specialise in unique and ownable identity development borne from customer awareness and a rigorous creative process. Give us a call today to chat over your needs and see how we can help.

MidBanner2 - stunning design
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