Just like anyone else in the UK we get shed loads of Leaflets ‘bunged’ through our front door on a weekly basis. Being a leaflet it’s usually extremely basic, not really delivering a solution to the need that brought it into existence. I started to wonder why this was? Why can’t this be better?

I ended up at: ‘What is the most important factor to delivering great design?’.

Can a leaflet that is meant to end up on your doormat be ‘great design’? In short: yes. Let me clarify what I see as great design. My definition is: work that you’re proud of, that is successful and makes a positive difference, but does all this within in the time allowed and the budget allocated.

So, how does great design come about, how can it be achieved (and how does this work with a leaflet)?

Well, the brief is important. Without a good brief (we have a post on this!) how can the solution be an ‘answer’? Creative freedom is also a big factor, being allowed to explore solutions which are sometimes ‘unexpected’ or ‘edgy’ can be the difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’. Time is another ingredient (not that great work can’t happen overnight), allowing ideas to mature, to grow and expand is always good for a project. It dawned on me that these are all important factors, but realistically none of them would materialise without a great client calling the shots. So what is a great client? Is allowing the above to happen what makes a great client?

our work delivers results to those that give us the freedom to do what we do best

A great client is this and much more. A great client understands that they can’t do everything, that branding and design is important to help their organisation thrive and that sometimes this needs outside help. They have a business challenge, a need and want a relevant solution (not just ‘any’ solution), but know it won’t come direct from them. A great client wants to be part of the process, but doesn’t want to design through their agency. Great clients are adventurers that appreciate the journey as much as the destination. They may not know ‘where’ the journey will take them, but know how to judge that it’s where they need to be.

We are very lucky (and extremely thankful!), because we have some amazing clients. We appreciate them and spend everyday trying to find new ways to build stronger relationships to gain their trust. And in return for that, we deliver unexpected solutions that make a positive difference to what they do. Basically, our work delivers results to those that give us the freedom to do what we do best. Because at the end of the day design isn’t just about beautifying a message, it’s about helping to drive business.

How can we help you?

Puur can help you at every stage of the process from developing a brief to developing your brand strategy; from creating branding solutions to helping chose the right suppliers to deliver the best branded material. If you want we’d be happy to chat over how we can help, give us a call today.

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