Fenn Wright’s 250 years

As one of the longest established businesses in the region, Fenn Wright can trace its roots back to 1768. Its role as land agents gradually evolved, ultimately becoming the modern-day chartered surveyor and estate agency business it is today.

The brief

The brief was simple; to create a symbol or graphic that could be used across all print and digital material for the 250th celebration year and beyond. Also to create an item which could be used across all media to illustrate the landmark date.

What we did

The first thing was to research what was going on back in 1768, find out land mark occasions along the time line. The more we looked the more we saw that the last 250 years have been quite a tumultuous time. It’s seen the creation of the USA, global wars and inventions that have changed the world.

We wanted to show how things have changed, yet how Fenn Wright have continued to deliver a consistent service all this time. The seal device was a modern take on the traditional seal, but with the hand drawn 250 logotype. It is both elegant and simple.

The challenge of how to show that time goes on, but Fenn Wright is consistent was achieved through the commissioning of a set of photographs to match historic images that we had selected. These images were either from where Fenn Wright was based or the area it covered.

The final images were both interesting and elegant. A timeless reminder of a truly history event. Initially these have been delivered via the web and through a set of limited addition postcards. Each cards revers with a small, but interesting story. Each one different, reflecting the tailored nature of Fenn Wrights service.

At a glance

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