Bannatyne Spa packaging

Bannatyne Spa takes it’s name from its owner the ‘dragon’, Duncan Bannatyne. The spa group is one the largest independent chain of Health Clubs in the United Kingdom. The spas aim to provide a platform where men and women alike can completely relax and unwind, in their words: providing the perfect antidote to modern day life.

The brief

The project was to develop a new identity that would portray Bannatyne Spa as an ‘affordable luxury’. The solution needed to work consistently across all Bannatyne Spa products. And needed to create a simple method to differentiate the various skin types. It also to signal the difference between a consumer product and a professional product.

What we did

We wanted to create a packaging concept that would bring the spa to the consumer. We did this through on-pack tips on how to use each product, from named Bannatyne Spa therapists, from named spas.

We also wanted to make sure that the final creative had an element of ‘uniqueness’ that could build on the idea of ‘affordable luxury’. This was done through the use of the ‘stones’.

The versatile ‘stones’ element came from the archetypical idea of stones being used in a spa environment and that stones stacked on one another is seen as being a metaphor for balance and relaxation. We used the Bannatyne ‘teal’ predominantly to strengthen the Bannatyne-ness of the product range.

The new identity was liked so much that it is now becoming part of the identity of Bannatyne Spa, used on many off pack elements.

At a glance

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