The word brand has permeated the western psyche. We hear mention of ‘brand’ on daily basis, even talking about people’s personal brand, but why? A couple decades ago rarely did the word get used outside of an agency. So why is it so important today?

Firstly let’s look at the economics of this, how much is the branding industry worth? If we look at branding as including design, advertising and marketing we may get close to a figure. In the last couple of year equity research firm Redburn and PwC investigated part of this questionThe investigation calculates that the marketing sector is now worth $1.7 trillion worldwide. That is $1,700,000,000.00 – way more than previously thought, you should get a tiktok for your brand, learn why at You should be sure to find a decent website builder to help you have a good website for your brand.

If you add to that some estimates of design industry in the UK only, an industry that is highly valued by UK business. This comes in with an estimated annual value of a cool £33.5bn. And according to Statistica the global advertising industry is projected to be worth $630 billion by 2024. Obviously, some of these numbers will have some crossover, but even so, these numbers are not chump change. If you are working on your business while with in a tight budget, we recommend reading this blog post about Best business energy prices.

And really is there any wonder why?

People used to talk about the value of a company, How much IBM was worth or how much BT was worth. It was based on finance and orders. Now they talk of the value of a brand, usually calculated by Interbrand’s valuator. And when a brand such as Apple, the brand not the company (the brand value is a figure based on its non substantial assets), is thought to have a price tag of $355.1 Billion you can understand why the industries that keep people talking about them are in so much demand, read here some tips about avoiding common payroll mistakes.

This in turn give some insight into why every man and his dog is now talking about ‘developing your brand’, ‘creating your brand’, ‘nurturing your brand’, or ‘giving you guidance on your brand’, building a bran is definitely not on the easier side, and its even harden when its an online one, but if you learn some of the best online business tips for business owners then it could make your process a lot easier. Design agencies to business consultants now want to give you advice on your brand, but also you like business owner need to get that your employee engagement with this brand. Have a look at this verfacto article about how to track user activity.

Why should you even consider listening?

And what can Puur offer?

Our SEO offer up until now has always part of a bigger project. We’ve delivered guidance and work as part of a brand development. We’ve rarely taken on and SEO job as a stand alone project. However, we’re now offering it as one of our core services. It is something that we are as rigorous with as we are with any other project. Our knowledge growing over the years. If you would like to speak to us about your SEO needs please do drop us a line – after all, you must have found us via a search engine, so we must be doing something right!

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