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A very impromptu post. This morning I saw a passage on that guru of all things worldly, ‘Facebook’. It talked of the power of marketing and how it evokes emotions. I had a quick think about this (only quick though!). Marketing is an extremely powerful thing, but without a strong brand behind it, it won’t deliver anything like the expected ‘punch’.

The post I saw talked about Apple (the favourite topic of a number of people) and how they can seemingly sell the same product over and over when the previous model is still perfectly good. For me, this is because they have spent an age building a brand which is aspirational. Apple products are seen by many as a status object. So much so that you’ll expect to get people camping out to be the first to purchase the new iPhone 6 (when it eventually comes out). It will be the ‘thing’ to be seen with.

Branding is not just about creating a logo which includes a spade for companies that sell spades

In my opinion Apple’s branding should take a large part of the credit, the way it is used can take the rest. Their branding (like every consumer brand should be) is everything from the image style to the colours used, it’s the brand mark (or the lack of it). It’s the tone of voice and the materials used in its products. It’s even the idea behind the product. Branding is basically all the building blocks that create Apple and they have spent decades ensuring that this is true. The brand is based on an incredibly strong strategy created to ensure that it keeps staying ‘aspirational’. Every ad, every web page, every product launch and press release will be based on this branding and strategy.

Latest ©Apple Ad and a screen from ©Sony (it's all I could find quickly!)

Latest ©Apple Ad and a screen from ©Sony (it’s all I could find quickly!)

So while Apple is creating ads, which are seemingly un-branded and have no real focus on the product (and in some cases even obscure the product), focusing instead on lifestyle and excellence. It won’t be through a whim of the ad agency that they stumbled onto a great idea. The agency will have been given a great brief, that will have been based on intensive research and consumer knowledge. They will have created everything to sit within the brand guidelines so that the world of Apple stays consistent and truly focused.

Meanwhile their competition is still talking to an audience about power.

Branding is not just about creating a logo which includes a spade for companies that sell spades. It is so much more than that and Apple understands this. Luckily, so do we.

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