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You’ve probably seen a number of branding company’s websites, looked at what graphic design services are on offer and thought they all sounded great. On paper Puur will be offering much the same. Our creativity, design awards, business focused solutions and can do attitude elevate us above others.

The difference we have is that our experience is both lengthy (almost 30 years in the branding and graphic design arena) and also international

However, the real difference we have is that our experience is both lengthy (almost 30 years in the branding and graphic design arena) and also international (working on projects for household names such as BP and P&G on a global basis). Our service is much more than just a logo design.

We take the knowledge we’ve gained over this time and our experience working with these large organisations and mould it to your needs. Bringing big brand practices to the local market.

Packaging design
Literature design
Environmental design
General graphic design
Visual and verbal identity

We specialise in the development of brand identities (both visual and verbal) for anyone. From the start-up one man band that wants great design to help them stand out from their peers to the larger organisations that want to move into new markets. This is more than just logo design, it’s about full ‘look and feel’ development. For simplicity we’ve split our offer into:

Brand creation – working together with fledgling organisations to build a foundation for the future, creating the design focused building blocks that will propel them forward and get them noticed for the right reasons.

Brand development – taking an existing brand identity or logo design, assessing it’s strengths and weaknesses and helping it stay relevant, fulfilling its full brand potential. This isn’t reinventing, this is about amending and polishing.

Brand refresh – redeveloping an existing brand either organically or in a completely new direction. This is to help brands that don’t connect with their audience any longer gain new life and new vigour.

Packaging design

Branded packaging is our passion. Delivering on shelf ‘appeal’, the ‘brand in the hand’ is an amazing journey. Ensuring that through great design, your product is seen, understood and desired in the micro second of on-shelf recognition is something that excites us.

Our design and branding services stretch from helping to breath new life into an established product to delivering packaging solutions for items never seen before (NPD – New Product Development). For each and every creative project we deliver packaging that is relevant, desirable and differentiated.

Literature design

Company literature can be anything from a leaflet to a suite of brochures. When it comes to literature and brochure design we are always focused on the audience and what your desired message is. But what we also have in mind is what you want the response to be. We design brochures to fulfil real business needs.

Environmental design

Forward thinking organisations understand the importance of workspaces, that they are in fact a business tool. An office environment reflects and reinforces a ‘brands’ core values. This in term can effect how the staff, suppliers and customers interact with the brand and each other. With this in mind, creating an environmental experience with ‘brand’ at its heart is an incredible challenge.

It’s something we relish as it has helped our clients differentiate themselves from their peers and made their workspaces a more productive environment.

General graphic design

General graphics can be anything from merchandising to a calendar. It is anything that can be developed graphically (though not necessarily in 2d). We love design and will take most things on, just so we can help our clients shine.

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