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We’ve been delivering WordPress websites and digital design for years, but not as part of our core business. It’s been something we offered as part of a larger branding project, because branding is what we do at Puur. Really though, there’s not much point having a great website if it’s never seen, if no one ever visits it. Websites are found through searching – you found our site through searching (probably Google – it’s become the generic). So how do we get to the top of some of the lists? This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) comes in.

Having a high ranking on search engines (because there are more than one, though Google is the start of 90.1% of all searches) is pretty mission critical for most businesses to thrive today. Realistically, you need to be on page one especially as 75% of people rarely go past that important first page. Basically, if you’re not on that illusive first page, you could be losing out on business. Just to make you aware this SEO business, is not something that happens over night. It’s something that takes time. Luckily our SEO knowledge can help your website move up the right search engine results. 

[above] some of the areas we’ve worked in

So what do we have in terms of a digital offer? Well firstly, SEO. It’s a big subject and practices do change regularly, but we try to keep abreast of the current thinking. Some of what we do is about house keeping, some is around smart thinking and some of what we do is about making small changes – tweaks – to various areas of the website. We also have Google qualified analytics professionals on hand to help measure how well your site is working for you today and how it’s growing over time.

SEO is something that can be frustrating and can also be something that doesn’t reap benefits quickly. There are areas that we don’t cover, but can give advice on. To help visualise what we’re talking about we have a pool of tools to help identify where we can make simple gains, again we can track this over time to see how well we’re doing. In simple terms our offer can be broken down into four separate areas:

Website design

Pretty self explanatory really. We develop websites based mainly on WordPress (we can also host them). This could be part of a larger branding project or be the focus of the project. We work with you to ensure that you have what works best for you and your needs.

Structural SEO

For us this covers the structural side of a website, it’s something we do a lot at the beginning of projects. This is about making sure search engines see what is important on your website, that content is current, categories are are balanced and that your internal linking structure is where it needs to be.

Content SEO

This is more about what you say rather than how you say it. Content SEO covers all elements around language. This would include copywriting on your site, checking that both long-tail and head keywords are covered, as well as the ‘intent’ of your users is fulfilled.

Social strategy

This is all about identifying how social media can work for you, choosing which channel would work for you and how to maximise the rewards. We work with you to create templates, plans and help with strategies on how to manage your own accounts.

Email integration

We have worked with numerous email packages over the years, but in the main our focus is with Mailchimp and Bronto. One being free to use (within reason) and the other a paid for service. We can help integrate this in terms of design and functionality.

Video development

Our video offering is everything from developing YouTube channels to filming, editing and managing films for marketing purposes. We work closely with other companies when filming, art directing to ensure all footage is on brand and on message.

Words about all things digital design…

Three reasons to work with Colchester’s Puur…

1. Great value

We’re a local branding agency catering for all budgets. Our goal is to deliver great design that works, without breaking the bank!

2. Experienced

Puur’s team has almost 30 years experience creating packaging for brands such as: Diageo, Procter & Gamble and Delacre.

3. Tailored to you

Every element of branding we develop is unique and bespoke to your needs. We’re not a ‘cookie cutter’ or stock image focused agency.

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COVID Update (21 May 2021)

Whilst the country is still in lockdown (but with an end within reach - possibly), Puur is most definitely still working! With the road map to a new normality, hopefully we are seeing an end to the worst of this. We’re still working remotely and we can (and have been doing) all the work we usually do.

Obviously if you have any branding related projects we'd love to chat (over Zoom). In the meantime stay safe.

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