Chosan by nature, Chosan by me…

Some background
Chosan is a small producer of 100% organic African inspired products made to an old family recipe. Their hibiscus and baobab drinks are a healthier alternative to the run of the mill high sugar fizzy and fruit drinks which can be found in every supermarket.
What’s the problem?
Chosan had worked with us previously, but when the agency working with the production house let them down at a crucial moment they asked us to step in to take the fledgling design work to fruition.
What we did
We wanted to ensure that the packaging could stand up against bigger more established brands, but didn’t want it to drive the entire brand identity. 
Our answer was to create a number of elements that could be used both on and off pack. We separated these into three areas; the doodles, the ‘holding’ leaves and the packaging.
The pack itself is vibrant, with strong clear messaging. Off pack we used elements from the product to build synergy, but with the addition of fun doodles we help put across the personality of the brand.

Date: April 02, 2017
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